I provide individual counseling services in-person and via online counseling (secure video/instant messaging/email). Below is a list of specialties and services offered.

Singles Counseling: If you’re single and struggling due to a recent break up/divorce or having trouble finding love or establishing healthy relationships.

Counseling to get “unstuck”: For those feeling unfulfilled or stuck in life as it relates to current relationship, career, or other areas.

Accelerated Resolution Therapy: Rapid recovery for Trauma, Depression, and Anxiety using an evidence based eye-movement therapy.

Finding Meaning: If you’re feeling lost and lacking a sense of meaning, purpose, or direction in life.

Secular Therapy: If you are dealing with problems associated with leaving the faith of your upbringing or just seeking a secular/non-religious counseling perspective.

Web-based counseling: This might be a good option for you if the following apply: you desire more frequent interaction with your therapist, you live outside of the Tampa Bay area, transportation or mobility issues make office-visits difficult, or you are uncomfortable with the traditional face-to-face counseling setting.

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