What to Expect

Finding a counselor should be easy. Just call 727-258-5231 to talk to Joel or click here to send a message. If I don’t answer, leave a message (with as much detail you feel comfortable with) and I’ll call back as soon as possible! Usually within an hour or two.

Once we connect, I’ll provide you with a free consultation. I’ll ask you a few details about the kind of help you’re hoping to receive to ensure it’s a good fit in terms of my expertise.

We will then schedule your first appointment! My office (located in Tampa, FL near Kennedy and Westshore) is in a 2 room suite that includes a comfortable waiting area.

The first appointment will be an orientation to the counseling process. We’ll get to know one another, talk more about the reasons you decided to start counseling, and begin establishing goals towards positive growth and change! Rest assured that it’s a collaborative process that only moves in the direction and at a rate you are comfortable with.

Call 727-258-5231 or click here to send a message.

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