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Finding a Therapist in Tampa – Considerations & what to Look for

If you're looking for a Counselor in Tampa - or anywhere for that matter - it can be hard to know where to start.  It's an overwhelming task.   Look up therapists near me in the Tampa Bay area on  Psychology Today directory and you'll get close to ONE THOUSAND results.  Because there's a lot of filtering to be done, it can be helpful to get clear on a few things and to know what you're looking for before you begin.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself and to answer to help you get started.

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Creating Balance with a Demanding Career

I get the struggle.  It's hard to find balance in life when you have a demanding career.  For me, it's fine line between being bored and being burned out.  Too little work and I'm feeling restless and unfulfilled.  Too much work and I'm stressed, more irritable, and not able to be as present as I need to be for the work I'm doing - and not able to as easily enjoy my down time.  When you have an emotionally or mentally taxing career, the lines between work and personal life can easily become blurred.  You take work home with you, find yourself working extra hours, and might even be sorting through the clutter of everything you have to do when what your brain really needs is rest.

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Different Types of Therapy Approaches for Different Issues

So when it comes to therapy, there are several different modalities (or approaches).  Different therapists tend to gravitate to different styles and theories.  Psychoanalytic therapy, for example, is an approach of therapy that focuses more on the subconscious mind and past experiences as a way of better understanding who we are and why we do what we do.  Solution-Focused Therapy, on the other hand, focuses more on the present and future, what's working, what's not working, and goals designed to change thinking and behaviors.  There are many other counseling theories/approaches that I won't get into here today - as I'll be more focused on types of therapy in a more general sense.  If you're looking into working with a therapist, though, it's good to get an idea of the different theoretic orientations (See more about that here) and to understand the approach your potential therapist might take in order to find the best fit for you.  It's not uncommon for therapists to alter their style or to switch between different methods depending on what you might need.  Some therapists consider themselves "eclectic" in this sense - deriving ideas from a broad range of sources.

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Guest Post: Alicia Divico on Relationship Traps

Relationship Traps: by Licensed Therapist and Certified Addiction Professional, Alicia Divico (Owner and Therapist) at Personal Wellness Solutions in Tampa, Florida. 

I have watched a lot of people date (not to mention the dating I’ve done myself), and let me tell you, I have learned a lot. Everything about the way we operate as humans is complex and dating/romance is no exception. We have our childhood that plays a role, we have unconscious factors that draw us in, and we have experiences of pain and discomfort that create barriers. Usually, we are not good at seeing our own patterns nor are we good at getting out of our own way. This is where therapy can be very useful. Here are a few “traps” if you will that I see often:

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Video: 4 Steps for Dealing with Panic

In this video, you'll learn 4 easy steps for dealing with Panic attacks while they are happening.  You'll find that the best approach is often to "float" with your anxiety while taking slow, measured breaths.  Anxiety can be counterintuitive.  When we resist the anxiety, avoid situations that cause anxiety, or run away when panic symptoms begin, we unknowingly reinforce the anxious response and make things worse.  We decrease the fight/flight/freeze response by teaching our brains through our behaviors that there's no real danger in most situations that cause our anxiety to spike. 

Disordered anxiety is what we refer to anxiety that has become problematic - anxiety that starts to get in the way of normal everyday functioning.  The great thing about anxiety "disorders" and panic attacks is that they are very treatable with the right education, support, and skills. 

Are you constantly fearing fear? Always afraid of your next panic attack? Avoiding people, places, specific situations, or things out of the fear of the physical reaction they will cause?  Afraid of the feelings, thoughts and sensations that come along with panic? What if this never ends? What if I lose control? What if I die? What if I never get back to feeling normal?  - You're not crazy. You can get better. You can start living a more fearless life with the right help.

Joel Schmidt (Licensed Mental Health Counselor and owner of Float on Counseling) treats anxiety disorders uses evidence-based gold-standard approaches for treating anxiety.  He shares openly about his own experiences with anxiety, understands the struggle, and can help you manage your anxiety in the same way he learned to manage his own.  

Reach out for a free consultation by emailing him directly at  You can also send us a message, call/text 813-515-9602, or hit the "Request Appointment" button below.  

Read more about anxiety on our "All things Anxiety" resource page and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. 


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