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Your All-Things-Anxiety Resource

Struggling with anxiety? This page is an "all-things-anxiety" resource. We'll discuss types of anxiety, causes of anxiety, treatments for anxiety, and provide a few quick and helpful strategies and resources for anxiety.

What Anxiety is

To start with - EVERYBODY deals with anxiety. Anxiety is your body's natural response to stress.  Anxiety is typically future-oriented and is associated with feelings of fear, worry, uneasiness, or dread. Although we typically frame "anxiety" as a bad thing, anxiety served us from an evolutionary perspective by its ability to warn us of potential dangers and to help us prepare for situations that require action. In threatening situations, our all-on fight-flight-freeze response kicks in to help us survive whatever dangerous situation we might be in. At its best - and when it's truly needed - anxiety is your very own built-in "Super Hero". At times, though, your "Super Hero" is just a little bit overprotective and kicks in full blast when it's not totally necessary.

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How to Deal with and Prevent Panic Attacks

You're going about your day when suddenly - and for no apparent reason - a sense of overwhelming fear kicks in.  Your heart rate spikes, breathing becomes difficult, you feel like you might faint, you're sort of detached from yourself, and there's a sense that you've lost control.  "What's wrong with me?", you might be thinking.  "Am I having a heart attack? Am I going to die?"  Your fears about what's happening only make things worse.  You decide to check yourself in to the ER, only to be told that there's nothing wrong with your health - and that you might only be experiencing anxiety.

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When a Fear Becomes a Phobia

We can all identify certain things we are afraid of.  Public speaking, snakes, heights, spiders, social situations, enclosed spaces, flying, clowns, and injections (think flu shot) are among some of the most commonly reported fears.  When it comes to these fears, there’s a spectrum of fright intensity that ranges from intense dislike to total avoidance of anything that has to do with the thing or the situation that causes the fearful emotional response.  In the most severe cases, contact with anything associated with the anxiety-provoking stimulus can cause an extremely anxious response or panic attack that usually leads to doing whatever necessary to separate oneself from the place or situation.  This is called a phobia.  Read more

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Things to Bring up in Therapy – Even if they’re Kinda Hard to Talk about

Therapy is an interesting thing.  The therapeutic relationship between therapist and client - unique and unlike any other …

all things anxiety

Your All-Things-Anxiety Resource

Struggling with anxiety? This page is an "all-things-anxiety" resource. We'll discuss types of anxiety, causes of anxiety, …

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Solving the Puzzle: A Whole-Person Approach to Treating Depression

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