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Guest Post: Alicia Divico on Relationship Traps

Relationship Traps: by Licensed Therapist and Certified Addiction Professional, Alicia Divico (Owner and Therapist) at Personal Wellness Solutions in Tampa, Florida. 

I have watched a lot of people date (not to mention the dating I’ve done myself), and let me tell you, I have learned a lot. Everything about the way we operate as humans is complex and dating/romance is no exception. We have our childhood that plays a role, we have unconscious factors that draw us in, and we have experiences of pain and discomfort that create barriers. Usually, we are not good at seeing our own patterns nor are we good at getting out of our own way. This is where therapy can be very useful. Here are a few “traps” if you will that I see often:

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Six Ways Therapy can Help you Find a Healthy and Fulfilling Relationship

“Swiping right” is easy enough, but finding a healthy, fulfilling, happy, long-lasting relationship – not so much! The fact is, humans are complex and emotional creatures…and dating can be hard! In a murky “sea full of fish”, the pickins can seem not so “plenty” and it can be hard to know which direction to swim. In some cases, social and family pressure only add to the stress associated with finding a good “match”. For some people, therapy is a good start and can lead to the kind of self-growth and positive change that might be necessary to build (or rebuild) a foundation for a healthy relationship. Read more

Tips to Connect with your Partner

5 Tips for Connecting with your Partner during the Holidays

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Resolving Conflict in Relationships

Resolving Conflict in Relationships

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Neurodiversity: Awareness, Advocacy, & Cultivation of Strengths

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