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About Christina

Like many in this beautiful state, I am a transplant.  I moved to Tampa from Minnesota in 2015, in search of sunshine and heat! I am comfortable as a transplant because I grew up moving often (around the world), but I honestly feel at home here, probably because I am in good company. My Minnesotan husband has adapted well, as have our young adult sons and a multitude of dogs and cats (animal loving family).  I enjoy spending time with my family and doing outdoor activities, such as gardening and running.

Why I became a Counselor?Christina Macnamara, MSW Counselor Tampa Florida

I feel like I was born a social worker.  When I look back at my childhood and adolescence, I see that I was frequently drawn to those who needed extra support and friendship.  My yearbook is littered with statements such as “thanks for listening” or “you’re a great listener.”  I didn’t even realize what a gift it was for them to be heard!  I pursued Social Work/Mental Health education because I wanted to understand how people think and behave so that I may better help others.

Education, Experience, and Approach

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Florida and a Qualified Supervisor for LCSW candidates.  I am also certified as an Oncology Social Worker, meaning I have significant work experience with cancer patients.  I graduated with my Masters from California State University, Sacramento, in 1992.  Since then, I have been a licensed social worker in California and Minnesota (Mayo Clinic), before moving to Florida (Moffit Cancer Center).  I have enjoyed variety in my career having worked with therapeutic foster families, emotionally challenged children/adolescents, crisis intervention and trauma, as well as geriatric care and medical problems.  There is a common theme in humanity of struggles and the desire to overcome.  I believe it is a privilege to be a part of someone’s journey to overcome challenges.

My approach is client-centered and solution-focused, utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Techniques as well as relevant psychology theories.  I believe we are each unique, even with shared experiences, and therapy should be tailored to the needs of an individual. I approach therapy as a partnership, where we work together toward a goal.  That goal can be reducing distress related to anxiety, depression, and grief or addressing difficult life decisions or general coping. 

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