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Our office is located right on N. Dale Mabry Hwy. There is convenient parking in front. Our office is upstairs in the same building as The Salon & Spa Mystic Hair. It was important to Joel that the office was accessible and easy to find.

Before contacting us, you may be interested in learning more about our services, rates and what you can expect as our client.

Click here or use the contact below to send us a message to which we will respond to in a timely manner.  Don’t hesitate to ask questions or to share briefly why you feel you may need counseling. You may also call or text 727-258-5231

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Compartmentalize Problems to Decrease Stress and Move Forward

Does it ever feel like you’re facing a mountain of problems and negative feelings in your life?  Often times when …

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Secular Therapy – What it is and Who can Benefit

I should probably start by saying that most therapy – unless otherwise specified – is or at least should be secular …

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How to Find Meaning in Life – When Meaning Doesn’t Seem Obvious

Most people – regardless of worldview, religious beliefs, or cultural background – have given at least some thought …