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We'll get to the bottom of what's going on and create a solution-focused plan for moving forward if you're "stuck" in any of the areas below.

We offer traditional in-office Counseling Services and Distance Counseling via secure video sessions.

Anxiety Therapy:

If general Anxiety, Social Anxiety, or a specific fear is disrupting your daily life.

Learn more about Anxiety Therapy


Depression and Feeling Down:

If you're feeling depressed, sad, or just generally lacking motivation.

Learn more about Depression & Feeling Down


Career Counseling:

If you're bored, unsatisfied, or burned out with your current career.

Learn more about Career Counseling


Grief Therapy:

If you're struggling with the loss of a loved one, friend, pet, or relationship.

Learn more about Grief Therapy


Marriage and Couples Counseling:

If you're wanting to work on relationship dynamics with your partner/spouse.

Learn more about Marriage and Couples Counseling

Trauma and Unresolved Issues:

If past decisions or events are haunting you and causing sadness, guilt, or regret.

Learn more about Trauma and Unresolved Issues


Adjusting to Illness:

If you've been diagnosed with an illness or experiencing a chronic illness.

Learn more about Adjusting to Illness


Low Self-Esteem:

If self-defeating thinking patterns are limiting your potential.

Learn more about Low Self-Esteem


DUI and Substance Abuse:

If you need or just want to create a healthier lifestyle.


Self Care:

You simply want to learn more about yourself and would just like a "tune-up".



Your situation is unique. If you don't quite relate to any of the areas outlined above, send us a brief message or give us a call to explain your reasons for starting counseling.  We'll see if we might be a good fit for you and provide referral options if it's determined that someone else might be better suited to help.


Read more about why we get stuck - and steps to getting unstuck - here. 

Take the first step towards positive growth and change, call us or text 813-515-9602 today or send us a message (it's confidential!)


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