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All relationships require some work and even the best ones can be hard at times...but if you're finding little enjoyment out of your relationship, not communicating well, having a hard time getting on the same page about important issues, struggling with trust, often wondering whether you should stay or go, or dealing with constant conflict, it might be worth considering doing some work with a trained professional in an objective and unbiased setting.  Couples counseling can help you get to the bottom of your problems and understand what's driving certain behaviors and feelings towards one another.  Through facilitated therapy sessions, couples are guided through a process of communication and exploration of relationship dynamics in a fair kind of way that might be hard to achieve at home or on your own.  You'll learn new skills and ways of interacting & behaving in the relationship.  

There are a couple of misconceptions when it comes to couples counseling.  First, is that things need to be REALLY bad before reaching out for support.  Even strong and healthy relationships can benefit from a "tune up" every now and then.  The second is that the primary goal of couples therapy is to save the relationship in all cases.  If that's your goal, that's awesome...but in other cases, couples therapy can help people understand whether or not the relationship is something that can or should be saved.  Everyone has different values and beliefs surrounding relationships (and marriage) and a good therapist should be able to help meet you and your partner wherever you are in your relationship or whatever your goals might be. 

Below is a list of some reasons couples go to therapy along with some issues that might be explored and addressed:

  • Conflict in the relationship
  • Communication Difficulties
  • Learning how to best support your significant other
  • Learning how to best understand your significant other
  • Infidelity
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Understanding yourself to better understand your role in the relationship "system"
  • Issues with intimacy or sex
  • Managing difficulties associated with blended families
  • Dealing with issues surrounding jealousy and insecurity
  • Lacking trust
  • Major life changes and difficulty with transitions
  • Navigating the end of a relationship

If you're considering starting Marriage or Couples Counseling, you can send us a message, schedule by clicking the "request appointment" button below, or you can call/text 813-515-9602.


Camille Faunda, MSW, LCSW

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