Get Unstuck in 2019

It's a new year and an opportunity to get unstuck.  Are you getting by, seemingly "fine" and "normal"  -  running through the day-to-day motions at work, school, or home - but overall unfulfilled and wanting change?  Unsure which direction to go or where to start? Feeling "stuck"? If so, we can help. And to help you get the ball rolling, we're offering 50 percent off of your first two counseling sessions.  This will help you figure out if we're a good fit for you. Normal Rates are $120 per session.


Types of "Stuck" we help people work through...


The "Career" Kind - When you're unhappy or unfulfilled with a current career, but feeling limited as to your options.

The "Relationship" kind - When you're unsure whether you should stay or go, unhappy, or playing out unhealthy patterns.

The "Single" Kind - When you're wanting to find a happy and fulfilling relationship, but not sure where to start.

The "Confidence" Kind - When low self-esteem or doubt are preventing you from taking action.

The "Anxious" Kind - When fear, worry, or anxiety are acting as obstacles to being the best possible version of yourself

The "Lacking Motivation" Kind - If you're wanting change, but a low mood or low motivation are limiting you.


To find out everything you need to know before picking up the phone, shooting us a text, or sending us a message, you can check out the links below:

Frequently Asked Questions - Answers to some of our most commonly asked questions

Our Rates - To see how much it will cost

Our Services - For more details as to the kind of services we offer


If you have any questions, or would like to schedule an appointment, call or text 727-258-5231. You can also send us a message!



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