Getting Started with us

Are you considering starting counseling but unsure where to start?  Perhaps you’re curious about costs involved, how to schedule your first appointment, or what to expect out of the process.  We can walk you through the steps.  We are located in the Carrollwood area in Tampa and provide individual counseling services in a private, relaxed, and non-judgmental setting.  Scheduling availability is flexible.

To find out more about us, you can check out our services, rates, and frequently asked questions.  If you have any questions or  you’ve decided you would like to schedule an appointment, you can send us a message or call 727-258-5231. We’ll answer any questions you might have and will ask you to share a little bit about reasons for starting counseling to make sure we will be a good fit and to connect you with the right therapist. 

Once your first session has been booked, we’ll send you a link that makes it easy to fill out the necessary paperwork electronically, online.  During the first session, we’ll get to know one another a little bit and explore your goals for the counseling process.  You’ll also learn a little bit about our approach and ways we can help facilitate the process of positive change in your life!

The first step is the most difficult, so we aim to make the process as simple, casual, and comfortable as possible.

Start by sending a message to book an appointment today!


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