Interested in Contract work?

Hi, I'm Joel. If you're here, it's probably because you're interested in doing contract work for our practice. Here, I'll share a little bit about Float on Counseling, what providing services for us might look like, and some considerations when deciding whether or not this might be a good fit for you.

About us

I started Float on Counseling as a solo practice in 2017 with the help of my wife, Summer. She now works full-time for the practice as a Client Care Coordinator and handles phone calls, client needs, administrative tasks, billing, scheduling, marketing, community outreach, and other functions.  I operate clinically, seeing clients, providing supervision, and consulting with our therapists on cases when needed.

In 2019 we started growing from a solo to a group practice, slowly adding offices to our space and contractors to our group. We are a private-pay practice, meaning we do not accept insurance. We do, however, provide Super Bills to clients looking to use their out-of-network benefits. We are available to provide therapy services to anyone in the State of Florida dealing with a broad range of issues. We offer individual counseling, couples counseling, and family counseling and our therapists are able to work with the types of clients and presenting issues they prefer.  For example, some work with couples and some don't. The backgrounds and experience of our contract therapists vary, which gives us the ability to help a broad range of individuals, whether they're dealing with grief, trauma, disordered anxiety, chronic health issues, depression, grief, relationship problems, career difficulties, and so on.

Our office is located in the Carrollwood area of Tampa. We have 3 offices and a waiting area.  You can see what it looks like here. We offer virtual sessions and in-person appointments. Licensed contractors can choose to see clients virtually either from the office with their own laptop or from the comfort of their own private home-office.

What we Offer

As a therapist, you have plenty of options when it comes to figuring out where you want to work, what type of work you want to do, and what type of setting you want to work in.  If you've landed in the world of Private Practice - the options still abundant.  Some therapists choose to work entirely for themselves, setting up their own shop and taking on a little bit of risk, business expenses, and the work that goes into establishing a solid presence - but without having to split any of their fee with another practice. Others choose to opt out of the business side of things and work for an established practice that provides an abundance of referrals without having to pay for office space or put in much effort when it comes to getting new clients. Whether you work for a practice as a contractor or W2 employee, the range for hourly pay can vary drastically. Some practices offer very team-oriented environments with very hands-on management, while others are more conducive to full independence when it comes to how and when you do your work - with the ability to operate more-so on your own than with others. So, yeah...a lot of considerations when it comes to determining what will be the best fit for you.

We like to think we offer a sort of "hybrid" practice experience that allows therapists to have ownership over their own work that allows for the feeling of running your own practice, but with less expenses and with a lot of systems already in place as to take away a hefty portion of the business side of things.

As a contractor with us, you are connected to a practice that already has a well-established physical and online presence. Here are some of the things we offer our therapists:

  • Fully furnished office space
  • Free wi-fi use in the office
  • Drinks (water, tea, coffee) for yourself and for clients
  • A waiting room and kitchen area
  • Ability to reserve a conference room for groups or meetings upon request
  • Access to use of our Electronic Health Record Platform (Simple Practice) at no expense to you
  • Optional access to free use of your own HIPAA compliant email service
  • Optional access to free use of your own "sideline" phone app to receive business calls on your personal cell phone
  • A listing on our website where clients can schedule to see you online
  • Business consultation/support
  • Handling of most initial client scheduling and paperwork
  • Referrals from clients that find our practice organically online
  • Marketing materials upon request
  • The ability to be selective and to work with your "ideal clients"
  • Administrative and clinical support

In terms of pay, we offer a 65 percent split of our full rate ($135 for individuals and $160 for couples), meaning take-home pay is usually $87 to $104. You have the option to be able to offer services at a reduced rate, per your own judgment on a case-by-case basis. Building a caseload may take some time and will depend on how well you retain clients, how quickly referrals come in, and how much extra work you are able/willing to do outside of your clinical work to establish a presence (see more below). We offer an incentive that involves a 70 split for any more than 10 clients per week. 

Your responsibilities

Your responsibilities as a contractor would include: taking initial phone consultations if requested by clients, responding to any inquiries and scheduling appointments for clients that have reached out to you directly, ensuring all initial paperwork is completed by clients before their first session, meeting with clients for 50 minute counseling sessions weekly or as determined by therapist/client, completing documentation (session notes within 48 hours and completing a mental status exam and basic treatment plan upon completion of the first session), keeping calendar accurately up-to-date within the electronic health record, communicating with established clients regarding next appt/appt changes/etc, and communicating with the practice regularly about issues having to do with scheduling new clients, no shows, and so on. 

On-boarding is unpaid and involves reviewing and signing the contract/agreement, completing electronic forms for payment/tax purposes, getting access to and learning Simple Practice (EHR and video platform), learning basic systems and tasks, getting up on some of the directories (see below), getting access to use of free business email/phone if you would like, providing proof of Malpractice Insurance (with Joel Schmidt listed as "additional insured"), providing a copy of your license to practice, and communicating with Summer as to any other things she might need to know to understand the types of clients you prefer to work with. Getting on-boarded and ready to start taking clients can take as little as a couple days and as long as a couple weeks, depending on how much time you have to dedicate to getting started. 

We might be a good fit for you if:

  1. You are not immediately relying on income from work solely from services provided to our practice, as it may time some time and patience to build a caseload.
  2. You prefer to work in an environment that offers support when needed, but you operate well independently with little need for Supervision.
  3. You are willing to create directory listings for yourself on directories such as Psychology Today, Good Therapy, Therapy Den, and so on.  The more potential referral sources, the better. Some directories are free, and others (such as Psychology Today and Good Therapy), cost about $30 per month.
  4. You are able to communicate well and relatively quickly with clients and with the practice as it relates to scheduling issues, questions, etc.
  5. You are at least basically proficient when it comes to technology and the ability to utilize an electronic health record, video platform, email, and so on.
  6. You understand the value of networking and "putting yourself out there" as it relates to establishing an individual presence as a therapist.  In private-pay private practice work, referrals from others in the community (such as other therapists, pscychiatrists, and others in your network) can be incredibly powerful and important.
  7. You are reliable and able to show up to sessions on time, keep an accurate and up-to-date client calendar, and don't struggle to stay on top of basic documentation requirements.
  8. You are clear on the types of clients/presenting issues you like to work with and are grounded in solid evidence-based therapeutic approaches.
  9. You consider yourself inclusive and feel competently able to work with a broad/diverse range of individuals, whether we are talking about gender, cultural background, race, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political orientation, lifestyle/relationship preferences, and more. 
  10. You like to have flexibility and autonomy in your work (when you work, how many hours you work, etc).
  11. You are willing and able to build and maintain a caseload of at least 10 clients per week.
  12. You are able to purchase and maintain a professional liability insurance policy.

We might not be a good fit for you if:

  1. You are looking for a very team-oriented environment. Although we know support, community, and consultation are key in this work, the office setting is more independent in nature. We make sure to be VERY available to our therapists, try to get together at times, and encourage therapists to reach out for support when needed - but you may find that the relationship with others in this practice is more "in-passing" than a group practice where all therapists and a Supervisor are on-site at all times.
  2. You'd prefer to be in business entirely on your own without the systems in place at a group practice, as to not have to sacrifice a portion of your collected fees. 
  3. You are actively building a caseload for your own practice and plan to transfer clients from our practice to yours, as we are looking for therapists that prefer the value offered in a group practice as opposed to those whose primary goal is to start and grow their own practice. Joel provides consultation services to therapists looking to start and grow their own private practice and is happy to support those goals in other ways outside of the practice. 
  4. Your income situation is not conducive to building up a caseload over the course of several months. The income potential with our practice is good, but as mentioned before, may take time, patience, and an understanding of the ebbs and flows (and unpredictability) that can sometimes come along with private practice work.
  5. You need to have a completely reliable and consistent weekly paycheck.  In private practice, you'll only get paid for the amount of clients you see (and payments collected) and so this can change from week -to-week.
  6. You prefer (or need) to work somewhere that offers a full benefit package, with health insurance, paid time off, etc. With us, you'll get a lot of flexibility surrounding time off, but as is the nature in private practice, time off is time that's not paid.

Feel free to reach out with any questions! You can reach me (Joel) directly by email at or by call/text 727-258-5231. If you've read this and feel like we might be a good fit, please email with your resume, some details about your therapeutic approach, what types of clients you prefer to work with (to include experience working with couples if relevant), and times you would most likely be available to see clients if you were to start with us 🙂


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