Meet our In-Office and Virtual Therapists

Lisa Baker, MSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Lisa Baker, LCSW, Therapist in Carrollwood of Tampa, Florida

About me

I grew up in Florida and relocated back to Tampa in 2014. I love everything the Tampa Bay area has to offer – beautiful beaches, glorious sunsets, great restaurants and shopping, and most of all – a community of diverse and interesting people. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, furniture repair/painting/ repurposing/ gardening, music, movies, and binge watching great shows (especially British TV).

Sheree Benjamin, MA, Marriage and Family Therapist Intern

Sheree Benjamin, Marriage and Family Counselor Intern in Carrollwood area of Tampa, FL

About me

Hi, there! I’m glad you’re here. My name is Sheree Benjamin and I’m a Wife, mother of 5 and a Proud Army Veteran. I’m originally from Michigan but recently relocated back to Florida after living in Southern California for 9 years.  My family and I love the beautiful weather and white sand beaches here in Tampa. I enjoy spending time with my family, playing board games, grilling and taking evening walks, listening to music, dancing and sliding across the floor in my socks!


Nicole Hunt, MSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Nicole Hunt, LCSW, Therapist in Carrollwood of Tampa, Florida

About me

 Building rapport and getting to know one another is a great first step in building a therapeutic relationship.  First, here is a little about myself.  I was born and raised in upstate New York and moved to Florida in 2013 with my husband and our two sons.  Like many who move to Florida, I came for the beautiful weather!  I love the beach, traveling, working out, sports and spending time with my family.


Camille Faunda, MSW, LCSW

Camille Faunda, Therapist, Grief Counselor

About me

Let’s get to know each other… how about I start? My name is Camille and I am a native Minnesotan living in Tampa with my husband and our two dogs. Our family migrated south for the warm weather and hopes to grow closer as a family. “Grow where you’re planted” has been my mantra living in Tampa and exploring all of the special neighborhoods we get to call our home. There is nothing better to me than exploring with family all of the new places to eat, drink coffee, enjoy runs, or practice yoga. I hope for the opportunity to get to know you as well.

Joel Schmidt, MA, LMHC

Joel Schmidt, LMHC - Therapist & Owner of Float On Counseling in the Carrollwood area of Tampa

About me

My name is Joel and I’m a husband, a dog dad, and  Navy Veteran.  I’m from Nebraska originally, but have been in Florida for about 12 years and Tampa for about 3 years.  A lot of what drew us to Tampa was everything that it has to offer: good food/drink, entertainment, sporting events, and easy access to the beaches.  I love travel, college football, coffee, learning new things, listening to podcasts, Florida Winters, and spending time with family, friends, and our Greyhound named Dean.

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