Post Twenties (30’s) Society of Anxiety Group


Post Twenties Society of Anxiety (PTSA)

VIRTUAL: TUESDAYS (starting September, 20, 2022) 6:00-7:00 PM $40.00

PTSA is a virtual mental health counseling group for those of you in your 30's living in the state of Florida.

Being in your 30's can come along with exciting changes in your relationships, work life, health, and more. But it can also come along with stressful changes leaving you feeling anxious about the next steps in your life. Join this support group, led by Alexis Lynch, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, to help support one another and to overcome your feelings of anxiety (and possibly even low self-esteem) brought upon these big changes that your 30's can bring.  

For More Information: Call Float On Counseling at 813-515-9602, email, or fill out our form below and mention the PTSA Virtual Group!

Alexis Lynch, Therapist, Anxiety Counselor


Alexis Lynch, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, has organized the Post Twenties Society of Anxiety Group. Alexis, who will be guiding this group, provides mental health counseling for individuals who struggle with Anxiety, ADHD, and Depression. Alexis is also a Marriage and Couples Counselor. She is able to see her clients virtually as well as in-person in the Carrollwood Area of Tampa.

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