Below are links to websites, books, apps, and other resources for mental health.

Assessments and Questionnaires

Attachment Questionnaire – This is a link to surveys designed to measure your attachment style so you can better understand how you relate to others.  

Career Aptitude and Personality Assessment – This assessment will help you better assess your career preferences and values.  

Worksheets and Logs

Nightmare Protocol – This is a handout that provides step-by-step instructions for dealing with and resolving recurring nightmares. 

Thought Log – This is a tool that can help you identify and reframe negative, unhelpful, and irrational thought patterns.  

Guide to Living with Worry/Anxiety – This is a worksheet for dealing with worry and anxiety amidst global uncertainty.  


The “Waking up” App for Mindfulness Meditation – This is a link to a mindfulness-based meditation app. Do a short daily exercise to cultivate the practice/art of being present and mindful. 

Journey Free – Resources for recovery for those who have left high-demand fundamentalist religious groups. 

Crisis Resources

Crisis Center of Tampa Bay –  Local resources and hotline for immediate crisis needs/support. 


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