Secular Therapy

Secular Therapy (therapy from a non-religious perspective) may be important to you if you are dealing with issues associated with leaving religion or if you’re just wanting to ensure that religion/spirituality/supernatural elements will not be inserted into the therapeutic process – whatever the reason may be.

I am a registered Secular Therapist with the Secular Therapist Project and use an evidence-based non-religious approach to counseling. Although this is the case, I work with and respect individuals from a broad range of religious backgrounds and encourage others to come to their own conclusions as it relates to values and beliefs without imposing my own views. You may find working with me helpful if you are dealing with any of the following issues:

– You’re having doubts or struggling with issues surrounding faith and wanting to discuss this in a safe place without fear of judgment.

– You define yourself as an atheist, agnostic, or humanist and prefer to work with a therapist with a similar worldview.

– You have left the religion of your upbringing and are feeling isolated or rejected from family or friends as a result.

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