If you’re feeling “stuck” in a current relationship or career, feeling generally unfulfilled, lacking direction, or being held back from living a full and happy life due to anxiety or depression, counseling can help you get “unstuck”. Your brain already knows what to do, and we can help you figure that out!

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Are you tired of intense anxiety or fear holding you back? Do you avoid certain situations, social interactions, or public places out of fear of the reaction that your body and mind might have - reactions such as feelings of fear, a racing heart, or a strong need to escape the situation you are in? Anxiety can make some everyday experiences feel just too overwhelming! The good new is that WE GET IT and that with the right treatment, this is something you can totally overcome!

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Singles counseling is for you if you are, well, “single” and struggling. Whether you’re having a hard time finding a happy and healthy relationship or feeling the pain associated with a break up or divorce, we can help.

Singles counseling involves self-discovery, exploration of past relationship patterns, and (in some cases) navigation of the complex world of modern dating and love. Through the process, you’ll gain insight about yourself, to include learning about your relationship style and why you’re attracted to the kind of people you’re attracted to. Most importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to work on YOU and the benefits that come along with finding strength and happiness from within instead of from an external source.

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Counseling can be helpful when you’re struggling to make sense of everything or having a hard time finding meaning in life.

As a part of the human condition, it’s natural to wonder things like, “how should I be living?”, “what’s the purpose of life?”, and “how does one find or establish meaning?”. Existential therapy involves self-evaluation and addresses your freedom to make choices (and associated responsibilities), fears about life and death, and personal values/morals. Throughout the process, goals include learning how to live an authentic life and defining meaning and purpose for yourself that makes life worth living, regardless of your worldview.

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Whether you’re seeking moderation or full abstinence from alcohol or drugs, you’ll find substance use counseling helpful.

As a part of the process, we’ll explore triggers, underlying reasons for use, consequences that have been associated with past use, and the pros/cons of making lasting change. In addition, we’ll identify unhelpful and unhealthy thinking patterns that prevent you from living a happy and healthy life. You’ll learn coping skills and new behaviors that will put YOU in control, promote healthy living, and allow you to meet your goals.

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Secular Therapy (therapy from a non-religious perspective) may be important to you if you are dealing with issues associated with leaving religion or if you’re just wanting to ensure that religion/spirituality/supernatural elements will not be inserted into the therapeutic process – whatever the reason may be.

Joel is a registered Secular Therapist with the Secular Therapist Project and uses an evidence-based non-religious approach to counseling. Although this is the case, Joel works with and respects individuals from a broad range of religious backgrounds and encourages others to come to their own conclusions as it relates to values and beliefs without imposing his own views. You may find working with Joel helpful if you are dealing with any of the following issues:

– You’re having doubts or struggling with issues surrounding faith and wanting to discuss this in a safe place without fear of judgment.

– You define yourself as an atheist, agnostic, or humanist and prefer to work with a therapist with a similar worldview.

– You have left the religion of your upbringing and are feeling isolated or rejected from family or friends as a result.

Learn more about the Secular Therapist Project.

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Aside from traditional face-to-face counseling, Joel offers web based therapy that includes secure email and/or video options. This may be a good option if you are out of the Tampa Bay area, if you feel uneasy about the in-office setting, or if you have difficulties with transportation or mobility. In this modern age, many individuals who would not have otherwise sought out therapy, have found the help they need by less this less traditional counseling method.

Benefits of online counseling include: more frequent interaction with your therapist than in a traditional setting, time saved traveling to and from an office, and saved money. Depending on the package, online options may be more affordable than face-to-face sessions. See below for a list of example packages. Keep in mind, they can be tailored to meet your needs.

Option 1: $110 per week

This option includes one 45 minute video call each week (via secure platform) and at least one email from your Counselor between sessions as a follow-up to the call.

Option 2: $110 per week

This option is for those who prefer no video call. Therapy takes place via secure email exchange and includes at least 3 thorough email exchanges to/from your Counselor throughout the week.


Due to state and licensing guidelines, online/distance counseling options are only available to residents of Florida or those residing outside of the U.S.

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