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Meet our skilled in-person and virtual therapists! Each of our therapists can help with general mental health concerns, but they also all have their own specialties. Read more about the therapists below to find the best fit for you.
Joel Schmidt, MA, Licensed Mental Health Counselor

About Joel

My name is Joel and I'm a husband, a dog dad, and  Navy Veteran.  I'm from Nebraska originally, but have been in Florida for about 12 years...

Lisa Barakat, MSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker 

About Lisa

Hi! I'm Lisa. I'm born and raised in Long Island, NY, however, I have been living in Florida since 2015. I line in the Tampa Bay area with my husband and Goldendoodle...

Joseph Rowe, MA, Licensed Mental Health Counselor 

About Joseph

My name is Joe and I’ve been a therapist for over six years. I have extensive experience in working with anxiety, depression, relationship issues...

Olivia Luginski, MSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Olivia Luginski, Therapist, Grief and Anxiety Counselor

About Olivia

Hello! My name is Olivia and I have lived in Florida since 2007. My husband and I have planted roots in the beautiful city of Tampa as we enjoy the sunshine...

Alexis Lynch, MS, Licensed Mental Health Counselor 

About Alexis

Hi, my name is Alexis! I was fortunate to be born and raised in Tampa, FL. I am here to help individuals struggling with anxiety disorders, ADHD...

Maria Lonnemann, MA, Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Maria Lonnemann, Therapist, Anxiety Counselor

About Maria

Hi! I'm originally from Ohio, but I've always considered Florida to be a second home due to different family members living in the state...

Camille Faunda, MSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

About Camille

Let’s get to know each other… how about I start? My name is Camille and I am a native Minnesotan living in Tampa with my husband and our two dogs. Our...

Summer Schmidt, Client Care Coordinator
Summer Schmidt, Mental Health Client Care Coordinator


Hello there! I am the Client Care Coordinator here at Float On Counseling. If you call or send us a message, then there is a big chance that you will communicate with me! I will speak to you about your reasons for beginning therapy - and I will make sure to find the best fit for you, whether it is with us at Float On Counseling, or a different therapist. This is the perfect position for me, as I have always been one to want to help people in whatever way possible. Having struggled with my own mental health in the past (disordered anxiety) and not having a full understanding of what I was experiencing at the time, I know the feeling of hopelessness and feeling misunderstood. Now that I am in this role, I am so happy when clients reach out for the help that they need - as I know it can be life changing! 

If you see a therapist that you would like to schedule with, click "Get Started to Schedule" at the top of the page to view their availability and schedule. You can also email us at, or simply give us a call 813-515-9602.
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