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Let me tell you about my Clients

Before anybody reading this freaks out, I should start by saying there are a few things that prevent me from sharing any specific details (or identifying information) about the individuals I work with. They’re things like HIPAA, The American Counseling Association’s Code of Ethics, and a set of personal values/beliefs (outside of legal requirements) I hold that allow me to create an environment of trust. The sensitive things people share with me stay within the 4 walls of my office. As I attempt to draw a picture for you about the people I work with, I’ll do so in a very general sense – in a way that allows me to illustrate the kind of common traits I see and the admiration and gratitude I have for the people who allow me the privilege of joining them on a very personal kind of journey.

My bias might shine through in what I’m about to say, but the people I work with are really great and are the reason why I do what I do. They’re in a broad sense “everyday people” – parents, husbands, wives, professionals, singles, students, entrepreneurs (the list goes on) – but anything but average…and I’ll tell you why.

1 – They are Strong (even when they don’t realize it) – The people I work with are brave and willing to step outside of their comfort zone. This, of course, doesn’t mean it was easy for all of them to make the first call or to take the first steps towards my office, but they did it anyway. They asked for help. They were willing to open up and to be vulnerable with someone who started off as a stranger to them. That’s not easy. And let’s be honest, not everybody can build up the courage to do that.

2) They are compassionate (and passionate) – The people I meet with each week are some of the most compassionate, caring, and passionate people I know. They care deeply for the people in their lives and they extend this kind of genuine care and concern in the way they interact with me. They seek greater meaning and purpose by standing up for beliefs, by looking for ways to make a positive impact in this world, and by striving to live life in a way that is consistent with their values.

3) They are willing to do work and take risks – The people I work with relentlessly challenge themselves to do and to be better. They do the “homework”, digging, and reflection required to make change possible…they try new things – scary, uncomfortable, and unfamiliar things that allow them to grow. They’re open to exploring new ways of thinking about their circumstances. They break stubborn old patterns and bad habits. They make mistakes – and then learn from them. They demand better for themselves in the boundaries they set and people they choose to surround themselves with.

4) They are committed to the process – Week after week they take the time out of their day to invest in the process and in themselves.  They recognize that change doesn’t happen overnight.  With patience and diligence, they take small (and sometimes BIG) steps that promote barrier-breaking, improved relationships, personal and professional development, and more helpful ways of thinking about their past, present, and future.

5) Finally, they are whole – The people I work with are not broken. The challenges they face, feelings they feel, thoughts they have, things they do, and struggles they face, make them wholly human. Although they are without the need to be “fixed”, they strive for growth, they crave change, and are unwilling to settle for less than better.

Joel Schmidt, MA, LMHC

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