Why do People Seek Therapy?

People decide to start therapy for such a broad range of issues, that it would be impossible to cover them all. Although some people who seek therapy are really struggling, others are just looking for a mental health "tune up", overall self-improvement, or an even more-improved quality of life. Therapy is a confidential process and platform that is intended to allow for positive change, regardless of where you are in life.  Below is a common list of reasons why people reach out to Float on Counseling for therapy.

  1. To resolve painful issues from the past
  2. To more effectively deal with family conflict
  3. Loss of a loved one
  4. Isolation and Loneliness
  5. Excessive Anxiety or Worry
  6. Unwanted thoughts
  7. To find relief from anxiety, depression, stress, or irritability
  8. To cope better with life's difficulties
  9. To develop a healthier relationship with alcohol - or to stop drinking
  10. Relationship issues
  11. Lack of motivation
  12. Difficulty establishing direction in life
  13. Trouble finding meaning and purpose
  14. Difficulty making major decisions
  15. Relationship problems
  16. Major life changes/transitions
  17. Social difficulties
  18. Feeling "stuck" in life
  19. Emotional instability
  20. Career or Academic difficulties
  21. Struggles associated with a breakup or divorce
  22. Difficulty with dating
  23. Overall self-improvement
  24. Anger
  25. Shame, Guilt, or Regret
  26. Negative thinking patterns

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