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Are you craving change in your life, but unsure what you want or where to start? Are you feeling held back from being able to move forward in a healthy way due to anxiety, stress, relationship problems, low motivation, unresolved past issues, negative thoughts, or unhealthy patterns that keep playing out? We believe in your own ability to find solutions and to bring enhanced meaning and purpose back into your life. We can help give you a jump start by working together to develop a plan for positive growth and change.

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Let me tell you about my Clients

Before anybody reading this freaks out, I should start by saying there are a few things that prevent me from sharing any …

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Compartmentalize Problems to Decrease Stress and Move Forward

Does it ever feel like you’re facing a mountain of problems and negative feelings in your life?  Often times when …

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Secular Therapy – What it is and Who can Benefit

I should probably start by saying that most therapy – unless otherwise specified – is or at least should be secular …